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First Baconporium in the Northern Suburbs. Serves contemporary breakfast and lunch bacon cuisine.

Most popular, iconic Pizzeria in South Africa.

Something special in every meal.


There’s nothing like a first-rate steak from a premium steak house.


There’s nothing like a first-rate burger from a premium burger bar.

There’s nothing like a new eatery to discover.

Koffi Terapi

Koffi Terapi waar klante vriende word/ where customers become friends


Baked goods, great coffee, full breakfast and lunch menu, BEST burgers in town.


Come hang out at RocoMamas for the best Smas Burgers, Mofo Hot Wings and Sweet-Fire Ribs.

Sweetbeet logo

Eat Fresh • Stay Rad


Sushi Box is Cape Town’s premier Sushi destination.

The Dairy Den is a family run business that serves, soft serve, milkshakes, donuts and coffee.


Sit down and enjoy quality coffee over a light meal, breakfast or lunch.


Willow’s offers light-medium meals that are favoured by all.