Marketing Manager – Lizelle Louw            +27 21 914 7218 

Willowbridge Shopping Centre offers advertisers numerous platforms to promote their brand or target a specific message to shoppers. There are external and internal options available to give your brand the perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness in a retail environment.

We accommodate approximately 350 000 visitors in the LSM group of 9 -10, on a monthly basis.

Why use indoor advertising:


Up close & personal: Your message is placed directly in front of your prospective customer’s face. Your message is directed to them on a much more personal level, where they can’t change the channel or turn the page.


Captive audience:You have 1 to 4 minutes of your prospective customer’s time, with absolutely no distractions whatsoever.


High viewer recall:When people view Indoor Billboards etc, they remember the ads for days…even weeks later because they are physically idle, yet mentally engaged without interruptions or distractions.


Relieves an otherwise boring situation: Indoor advertising catch your audience at the rare time each day when they are literally starving for something to read