Willowbridge Shopping Centre has wheel chairs available to shoppers. Shoppers can contact Centre Management offices at 021 914 7218 or ask Security for assistance and a wheel chair will be delivered to the closest entrance.

Disabled Parking

Willowbridge Shopping Centre has parking facilities for the disabled at all of our entrances for your convenience. These allocated bays are marked with the disabled icon, which is easily recognised by shoppers.
Please ensure that your disabled disk is visible at all times.

Please note that illegally parked vehicles will be clamped and a Clamping Fee of R250 is payable at the Parking Office on P2.

Toilets for the Disabled

Willowbridge Shopping Centre offers toilets for our disabled customers. The toilets are unisex and are positioned in the P1 foyer below Woolworths, on the first level above Dischem and at the common toilets at Willowbridge North.