Give JOY by donating pre-loved TOYS at Willowbridge Shopping Centre.

By donating their toys, children learn the importance of giving and understand that others may not be as fortunate as they are. This fosters empathy and encourages them to think about the needs of others. Donating toys also contributes to recycling and reusing resources, reducing waste, and promoting environmental sustainability. Encourage mindfulness and gratitude by giving back!

How it works:

  1. Head to Willowbridge Shopping Centre from 18 July 2024
  2. Find one of our Toys for Joy recycling boxes located outside; Woolworths, PNP, Old Khaki
  3. The first 100 donations received on 18 July 2024 opposite Old Khaki will receive a complimentary Kiddies ice cream cone from The Dairy Den or a complimentary cupcake from Tessa’s Bakery.

Frequently asked questions:

* Toys do not need to be washed but please ensure they are dry.

* There are no costs involved.

* All brands of pre-loved toys are accepted.

* Please ensure that all batteries have been removed.

* We cannot accept; Board games, Batteries, Books, Play Doh, Paint or Slime, (Oversized toys such as Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards)

Willowbridge Shopping Centre will clean and disinfect toys and sort toys to ensure that the toys are appropriate for the recipients. Toys will be donated to;

* Heartlands Baby Sanctuary

* Miracle Kidz Safe House


Fallen Angels Pet Rescue is a registered NPO  (NPO 175-638) focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals.Any animal  that is forgotten, abandoned (abused), lost, lonely, emaciated and neglected (FALLEN) is considered to be a Fallen Angel & therefore part of the focus area of this organisation.Through animal  therapy they aim to assist in healing the broken souls of any “FALLEN Angels” they are financially able to assist. Please assist us by donation non-perishable dog & cat food.

Drop Off              : About Cats & Dogs
                               Centre Management Located Below Woolworths On P1