Willowbridge offers five custom play elements, designed to incorporate beautiful trees, climbing walls and slides. Created with the Montessori philosophy in mind, we aim to aid children in their growth - not only their gross-motor development, but also a level that will assist them through life with healthy degrees of independence and confidence. Located opposite Woolworths Café, Ou Meul, Col’Cacchio, Pulp Kitchen and Baconville. Our sandpit is located opposite Hussar Grill, Willowbridge buckets & spades provided.


The Art of Paintertainment™ Some people jam music, but at Artjamming™ you jam art! Artjamming has also introduced Messy Play Classes in stores. ARTJAMMING Messy Play offers an outstanding opportunity for children to grow and learn. Young children (from 8 months up to 3 years old) can enjoy and benefit from messy play. Infants and toddlers may simply explore the materials and enjoy textures and smells. ARTJAMMING Messy Play helps children to develop concepts. These concepts are the basis for later learning.


With over 1000 different LEGO® sets, Kiddiwinks is what every child and LEGO® enthusiast’s dreams are made of! The store regularly hosts builds and exhibitions for all to enjoy. Pop-in, let the kids play and experience all the store has to offer.