The Slow Market Willowbridge is now open! Please note that the format differs greatly as we need to ensure strict health & safety protocols are adhered to. The safety of our customers and staff will once again be our priority.

The following measures will be implemented:

πŸ’ Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

πŸ’ All traders will wear Face Masks at all times

πŸ’ Gloves and protective clothing (plastic aprons) will be worn

πŸ’ Social distancing will be adhered to and tables will be placed further apart, for this reason, there will be less traders

πŸ’ All traders will be issued with hand sanitisers

πŸ’ All food will be covered at all times to prevent contamination

πŸ’ Over all good food hygiene principles will be applied at all times

πŸ’ Cashless payment will be preferred, but card machines will be sanitised before and after each use